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03:06:47 PM Sep 6th 2017
Is this example somehow correct by any chance? If so, how?
  • Accidentally Accurate: The nature of Vox, which is a projected image onto a standing glass sheet. Anyone who has gone to a concert with Hatsune Miku or featuring dead performers brought back for 'one last show' will recognise the method by which it works, with Vox even disappearing as it moves to another sheet, as if the hidden projector is moving around to a new angle.
04:37:38 PM Sep 19th 2017
My reasoning is simple.

Four years later, Marlon Brando is brought back to life as Jor-El in Superman Returns using CGI. Five years later, Miku appears, and all her concerts are rear-projection transparent screens she's projected onto. In the past couple of years, in the UK, a comedian managed to do a literal final show using material cribbed from when he was rehearsing to do said show, using a projected image.

In 2002, that kind of use of rear projection screens was unthinkable. Nowadays, holographic performers perform to sold out audiences. Vox was foreseen as something hugely futuristic. So, the invention of the technology that powers Vox is REAL.
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