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11:27:44 AM Aug 18th 2014
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08:51:05 AM Mar 31st 2013
edited by notafraid
"The Mole: The two leads are the most obvious example. Keung and Shen were undercover cops, and Billy acts as a mole for the triads."

How do we know Keung was a mole? Yes, the police announce him as one posthumously, but as Costello said in the remake "The cops say he's a rat... so I won't go looking for the rat!". It could easily just be a ploy of their's. Furthermore, the idea that Keung's equivalent in the remake (Fitzy) genuinely was an undercover cop has popular support in the fan community. However it is ultimately just a particular interpretation of the film.

Therefore unless anyone can come up with definitive evidence that Keung was a mole, I suggest that this entry be edited.
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