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06:25:48 AM Nov 23rd 2017
edited by youjay
The Five Man Band works almost perfectly for The Breakfast Club, with Bender and The Leader, Andrew as The Big Guy, Brian as The Smart Guy. The only question is which one of the girl's is The Lancer.

The unpublished list says that Claire is The Chick/The Heart, which lave Allison as the Lancer, however i would like to propose that Claire should be the Lancer, leave The Chick/ The Heart for Allison.

A Lancer's defining trait is the they are in polar opposition to The Leader (which in this case could actually fit well with Andrew as he is always at odds with Bender throughout the film) this doesn't really fit with Allison as the both Bender and Allison are "criminals" (as seen by Allison's kleptomania) and Bender rarely "butt's heads" with her. But he is almost always on Claire's case. Claire is everything Bender's not, (which is part of the reason why they fall in love in the end); she's rich, he's poor; she's fancy, he's a slob; her father is overprotective and overly controlling, his father burns a cigar on him over innocent mistakes. this too me sounds like a textbook case of the Leader and the Lancer.

The Heart/The Chick on the other hand is a better fit for Alison, sure Claire fits with the more feminine stereotype of a Chick, but being an effeminate girl is not the character's primary character trait (which is the reason why I've always said "The Heart/ The Chick rather than just "The Chick"), they are the emotional center of the team, the peacekeeping role between the party, something which Claire most certainly is not which her defensive snappy comebacks and being the second only to Bender is causing trouble, she's even the one to state that her and Andrew probably won't stay friend with the other members of the breakfast club, Allison on the other hand its the one to end the conversation on a happy note "You wanna know what I did to get in here? Nothing...I didn't have anything better to do." Allison is the one not to mention when Claire "dolls her up" she completely embodies the archetype. While one could make an argument for Claire to be the Heart/The Chick, putting Allison as The Lancer is completely misguided.

Anyway, my main point was that I think The Five Man Band Trope is definitely in The Breakfast Club and with preferably a quick 'tweek' we should put it on the official page or the film.

04:00:29 AM Nov 24th 2017
You can bring it up here: if you want a Five Man Band case be approved.
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