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11:31:54 PM Mar 24th 2010
Cut two tropes:

  • False Protagonist: Kage is something of a hero who actually knows a little about rocking. But it becomes very obvious that he's actually living off his mom after a while.
  • Take That!: Not in the movie itself, but when some users filled up the comment page of the youtube video showing the first five minutes of the opening song "Kickapoo," one user responded in the style of the song:
    User: a short ass fucking time ago
    on a website called Youtube
    some dumb shits spammed the comment page
    about whose country beats whose

    the rest of us don't really care
    so please go suck some dick
    so us real fans of Tenacious D
    can watch this epic clip!

The first will be moved back in when I figure out what trope should go there (it isn't False Protagonist). The second is only tangentially related to the film. It may have a home on Take That!.
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