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12:12:33 PM Jan 7th 2014
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Deleted the following Natter that violated Example Indentation from the Earth-Shattering Kaboom example and moved it to the Superman Returns page.

  • In a deleted scene from Superman Returns, Kal finds Jor-El's lab relatively intact, however, he flies further and all that remains of the rest of the planet is some debris.
09:17:38 PM Jan 16th 2011
I figured I should put this here, I recently undid a bit of vandalism on the Superman page, namely this line:

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: That opening fanfare.
    • You can almost hear the words — "Look, up in the sky, there he is! Look, up in the sky, Superman!"

This should actually be in the YMMV page, but due to the fact that there is a main page as well as a film page... I'm not sure what to do. If anyone knows, please go ahead and put it in the right place. I'll try to find out.
02:08:35 PM Oct 27th 2010
Am I the only person that thinks Superman Returns needs it's own trope page?
06:53:35 PM Sep 19th 2010
edited by GamerFromJump
Rewatch the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Identity Crisis". Bizarro's outfit looks like Brandon Routh's outfit from ''Superman Returns" with the darkened-down colors. Tells you all you need to know about the reboot.
09:29:42 AM Sep 20th 2010
edited by MrDeath
So, a subtle choice of color pallette from a show that was produced a decade before the movie, and is entirely unrelated to said movie aside from using the same characters, somehow tells you "all you need to know" about the reboot which will be a reboot entirely separate from Superman Returns...

Wow. Epileptic Trees doesn't even begin to cover this.

Edit: No, wait, Insane Troll Logic sounds about right.
05:04:18 PM Apr 13th 2010
Clearly Clark's Kansas education showed when he tried to put the solar-powered clone on the dark side of the moon, thinking it stayed dark all the time..
11:14:30 AM Apr 14th 2010
Thank you not at all for that entirely unnecessary bashing of a state's education.
09:43:06 PM May 13th 2010
Dude. They teach creationism. Bashing the education system there should be part of EVERY conversation.
12:32:07 AM Nov 19th 2010
Way to stereo type.
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