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08:29:57 AM Feb 24th 2014
I see that this has been Cut Listed. No reason IMO. Sure, there are only a few wicks and a bunch of ZCEs, but it's a work page. Just needs to be fleshed out is all. I've started that, based on 30 year old memories of seeing the film.
08:35:21 AM Feb 24th 2014
Sure there is a reason. Having only two non ZCE examples is not enough to make a working page.

Now, if the page gets more than 3 ZCE by your work, then I am thanking you and requesting the page to be kept.
08:56:41 AM May 28th 2014
Obviously not requested enough since it got cut after all.
02:24:36 PM May 28th 2014
Yes, and the version that was cut had still too many ZCE and too few good examples.
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