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09:31:16 PM Dec 22nd 2010
What the hell just happened here?
01:06:44 PM Sep 30th 2010
edited by
Removing the Hatedom Natter to be replaced with "'Nuff Said", partially because of, well, Natter, and to atone for my own sins against the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement. Also because someone else, thankfully, has cleared up the rest of the page.

EDIT: Well, edited to be replaced with "We shall leave it at that.". I left the first line intact, however.
06:52:59 AM Mar 11th 2010
Randomly browsing TV will lead you to believe that this movie possesses one example of every trope ever. Ever.
02:07:15 AM Apr 5th 2010
Eh, it happens. The fanbase is rather devoted. Just delete it if it didn't happen in the movie, or if you haven't seen it, delete anything that isn't on Repo's page.
05:37:58 AM Aug 25th 2010
...what? I haven't seen any examples except in the appropriate places, and I lurk. A lot. I think you might be exaggerating just a bit...
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