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07:55:50 AM Mar 21st 2013
So I wasn't allowed to edit due to the Net Nanny filter I have on my machine, but I noticed that Actor Allusion was not on the page. I tried typing something like this:

01:42:47 PM Mar 21st 2013
That's mentioned under Shout-Out. Should it be moved? I'm not quite sure what the protocol is.
10:04:25 AM Mar 22nd 2013
I'm not sure either... Maybe add "Actor Allusion" and the specific example, and at the end write "See Shout-Out."
07:34:27 AM Mar 1st 2013
Alright, regarding the Sequel Hook bit, I mentioned that Roderick died before he was able to have kids, and it's more than likely he didn't have a wife. So the kid at the end, I assumed, would probably be a descendant of Jack and Isabelle, and he was grinning proudly, as opposed to evilly.
07:38:17 AM Mar 1st 2013
You are free to rewrite the example. Repair, Don't Respond.
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