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08:29:11 PM Dec 19th 2014
Commenting (and agreeing) on an eidit with the reason "we don't know that Phil MUST have killed people"

It's common to daydream about all the things we would do if in a "Groundhog Day" Loop, but that doesn't mean Phil exhausted all the possibilities or fulfilled them. He may have even murdered one person on a bad day and was so overcome by remorse that he was psychologically comatose for several runs. So while indeed you can imagine all sorts of things being done - it doesn't mean they were.
08:34:23 PM Jan 13th 2011
"CPR Clean Pretty Reliable: Played painfully straight. Phil discovers the old man suffering from cardiac arrest, so he takes him to the hospital, where he dies. In a hospital. Later on, he saves him by performing CPR in the streets, and he wakes up perfectly fine. "

It's been a while since I saw the movie but I'm almost certain that this is totally incorrect. The whole point of the sequence is that no matter what he does the old man still dies.
06:23:19 PM Feb 3rd 2011
The scene is sort of ambiguous to me as to if the CPR does any good, but Your Milage May Vary.
05:16:45 AM Feb 4th 2011
edited by Catalogue
Ambiguous, yes. He might not even saved the old man. It may simply be the next loop.

EDIT: Watched it again. I think it didn't do any good.
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