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06:22:40 AM Dec 16th 2015
Do y'all think we should make seperate trope pages for each movie, or do we like it the way it is?
06:40:15 PM Nov 13th 2010
Why is it necessary to mention at random intervals that certain characters are straight? I haven't seen the movies, so is there a reason?
07:26:18 PM Nov 13th 2010
Because sexuality is a defining characteristic in the series.
11:37:32 AM Aug 10th 2010
This has got to be the suckiest work page I've ever seen. Why is it none of the tropes are ever explained?
09:52:14 AM Aug 11th 2010
Because nobody's got 'round to explaining them yet.

And if this is the suckiest work page you've seen, you haven't seen some of the stubs that've been up once in a while (they tend to get cut right away), or the ones that are two badly spelled sentences amounting to "this sux and whoever is in it also sux".

If you think the tropes need explanation, feel free to add them yourself. That's the beauty of a wiki, after all.
04:27:11 AM Aug 13th 2010
Haven't seen the movies; I just popped over here to see if they'd be worth it. I'm gonna go out on a limb and decide no.
12:39:25 PM Nov 11th 2010
agreed, we need elaboration
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