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04:27:43 PM Mar 28th 2013
edited by Ghostie
I don't know if it's worth trying to contest this, it's just fanon and such, (and I saw straw-clinging in the original thread) so I'll just put it here in the discussion: the parts about Vileplume's feeding habits seem needlessly grisly.

"Once the prey is paralyzed, Vileplume will proceed to eat its alive and conscious victim by sucking out its innards after spraying it with a dissolving acid which turns muscles and organs into mush, only leaving behind a skeleton covered with skin."

Seriously? If Vileplume had the ability to suck out anything through it's feet (...) then Trainers would definitely use that in battle, but unfortunately there's no physical innards-sucking move in its repertoire. What Vileplume DOES have access to are Absorb and Mega Drain, two *energy* sapping special attacks. Doesn't it seem way more likely for Vileplume to be a Life Energy stealing predator than a raw flesh eating one?

It's not like the Nightmare Fuel wouldn't be preserved; under diet, trainers would need to feed it LIVE things, lest it potentially go all Litwick on them or their other pokemon, or something.

There are other things, but... this part bugs me more than most.
05:32:06 AM Sep 10th 2012
edited by Brick3621
Isn't Oddish's Latin name supposed to be "Oddium Wanderus" according to the FireRed PokÚdex?
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