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!!Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Oddish [#043] ''Rotundusradix foliatus''
** A small, bipedal blue creature of round complexion. Has characteristic red eyes and 5 elongated leaves on top of its head.
* Gloom [#044] ''Rotundusradix pallens''
** While sporting a sickly look on its face, this morph has grown a pair of stumpy arms and a dark red flower bud consisting of 4 spherical petals, which sits on its head. Its 4 leaves appear to be wilted and dry. Its mouth constantly secretes "saliva"
* Vileplume [#045] ''Rotundusradix cariosus''
** A blue stumpy creature that sports a robust red flower with white polka dots. The flower is made of 5 large petals and a circular orange pistil.
* Bellossom [#182] ''Rotundusradix tripudio''
** This slightly humanoid morph acquires a green tint and black eyes. A bundle of green and yellow leaves grow by its waist, forming a skirt of sorts. Two bright red flowers appear on its small rounded head.

!!Notable Biology

The Oddish family is an interesting species; they can make their own food through photosynthesis like a plant, but move around like an animal. Swinging between the boundaries of both kingdoms, scientists researching these creatures have had to classify them in a completely different kingdom existing solely for Pokémon such as these. It has been heavily theorized that the flower and grass that grow on this genus's head arenít part of the creature itself, but is a parasitic plant that establishes a symbiotic relationship with the creature, providing it with protection as long as the creature provides it with nutrients, a symbiosis very similar to another part-Grass-type, FanonPokedex/{{Paras}}.

Oddish spend the whole day buried underground, only exposing their leaves, absorbing nutrients from fertile soils through their feet. At night, Oddish moves to another patch of soil while exposed to the weakened sunlight reflected by the moon, which doesnít harm its skin like direct sunlight. Oddish's leaves are highly poisonous with the purpose of deterring predation. Oddish also have a special gland that allows it to shoot acid at its enemies.

Gloom develops a poisonous flower bud (so toxic that it wilts the leaves it once had) that secretes a foul smelling gas when it is scared in order to scare off predators. Gloom is also known to produce rather pleasant aromas sometimes, mainly when it is happy or during mating season. This aromatic extracts are highly valued by perfume makers worldwide. Gloom is also noted for constantly oozing a honey-like substance from its mouth which is used to attract small prey (see Diet). Gloom undergo a rapid mutation upon contact of two of the several highly radioactive elemental stones: The Leaf Stone and the Sun Stone. The process of this mutation is not yet fully understood, but it has been speculated that the stone's isotopes modify specific links of genetic material, causing the creature to metamorphose into something completely different.

Upon contact with a Leaf Stone, Gloom will become a Vileplume. Vileplume's large flower, which doubles its body width, shade its body from harsh sunlight. Their large petals are now covered with poisonous pollen and can now move via a system of tendons and muscles located behind each petal. Vileplume flaps its petals to spread its poisonous pollen into a thick cloud around itself, which it uses to defend itself or to catch prey. The effects of this pollen are varied and produced by the pistil (see Hazards).

If in contact with a Sun Stone, Gloom will morph into Bellossom. Bellossom has lost almost all of its poison and nocturnal habits, now actually preferring to wander around during daylight. Under its skirt of leaves lie a set of stamens that produce somniferous pollen that is shaken as Bellossom dances. Bellossom powder has been used since old times as a sleeping aid.


Oddish, Gloom and Vileplume find great commodity in deep forests and tropical jungles, but they are also akin to grasslands. Bellossom prefer sunny and tropical climates. All morphs except Bellossom are nocturnal creatures and come out from their holes at dusk. Due to their high toxicity, this line doesnít have many predators, with the exception of a few Fire-, Bug-, and Flying-type Pokémon which can tolerate their poison. Vileplume and Bellossom are often found around in areas near large deposits of Sun Stones or Leaf Stones.


Oddish rely entirely on soil nutrients, water, and sunlight to grow. Their photosynthetic process takes place at night, which has led to many myths claiming that Oddish only grew with moonlight. In reality, it is more likely that it uses [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAM_photosynthesis CAM photosynthesis]], although it is unknown why it uses this system (considering that it is very rarely found in arid environments.)

Gloom's larger body and faster metabolism canít be sustained by mere nutrients anymore, and it thusly resorts to predatory behavior. Gloom uses the sweet and sticky sap it drools to attract and trap small prey like Caterpie, Wurmple, Polywag, Ratatta, and even the occasional Furret by slurping the sticky sap back in after the lunch takes the bait.

Vileplume releases two kinds of smell: sweet fruits, and rotting carcass. This allows Vileplume to attract both foragers and carrion-eaters alike. When the hapless prey comes close to take a look, Vileplume will violently shake its petals, releasing neurotoxic pollen that paralyzes the victim if inhaled. Once the prey is paralyzed, Vileplume will proceed to eat its alive and conscious victim by sucking out its innards after spraying it with a dissolving acid which turns muscles and organs into mush, only leaving behind a skeleton covered with skin. Vileplume can devour considerably large prey; [[NightmareFuel Feraligatr, Chansey, Arbok, Sandshrew, human, and even Snorlax carcasses have been found in the vicinity of a Vileplume's territory.]]

Bellossom, on the other hand, prefers ordinary photosynthesis, with a little helping of nectar from other flowers and fruit.


Oddish are wary of humans and will run away from them. During the day, while they are buried underground, unwary trainers may confuse their incredibly toxic leaves with a similar plant that has medicinal properties. If you, your Pokémon, or a friend happen to eat one of Oddish's leaves, seek medical attention immediately. If traveling through Oddish habitat, always bring a first aid kit with Antidotes and analgesics with you. Symptoms of Oddish poisoning include dizziness, nausea, vomit, migraine, and tongue blackening. If left untreated, it will end in the death of the individual. (Trainer's note: Oddish leaves are slightly darker than its medicinal counterpart, and Oddish might squeal or cry if properly pulled, so be sure to pull the leaves rather than cutting them.)

Gloom are ridiculously shy, and will run away really often; they arenít more threatening than the hideous aroma they expel when frightened, which while not poisonous, is strong enough to make you lose your appetite (or breakfast). Wearing a gas mask while treating wild Gloom is recommended.

A wandering Vileplume will consider creatures larger than itself a threat, and will surround itself in a cloud of poisonous pollen. Effects include those of Oddish poisoning plus temporal paralysis, disorientation, and in some rare cases, sleepiness. Donít bother them, and they wonít bother you. A Vileplume sunk in the ground is a completely different story, as this is their preying stance. As mentioned in the Diet section, Vileplume will eat ''anything'' that comes by its trap - that includes '''YOU''', young trainer. If you detect a delightful, irresistible, wondrous, dreamy, ideal, amazing, really sweet scent in the air that is unusual for the area, please donít follow your nose, not even if you really like it [[labelnote:VILE]]don't deny you donít love it[[/labelnote]], as it could be the last thing you´ll ever smell [[labelnote:PLUME]]But it is totally worth it, right?[[/labelnote]]. And, of course, you´ll probably be avoiding the smell of putrefaction anyways. Several stupid trainers and researchers die each year at the hands of Vileplume attacks, and several other are driven mad by the aroma. '''''AVOID ROOTED VILEPLUMES AT ALL COSTS!''''' (Professorís note: If you are a researcher and are in need of studying Vileplume in the wild, always wear a gas mask with scent filtration while around it.)

Bellossom are perhaps the most harmless of the Oddish morphs, the most it could do if threatened is to put you to sleep with its pollen. Please take note that this pollen is also released during mating season, so it is not advised to be around mating grounds if you need to stay alert.


Oddish is an easy Grass Pokémon to train, and is especially preferred by beginning trainers. Oddish will only require water, dirt, and indirect sunlight to feel nourished. Oddish don't take direct sunlight on their torsos very well, so if you are planning on taking them out for a stroll, do so at night, dusk, or at dawn. Gloom are very affectionate to their trainers, but very nervous around strangers. Make your Gloom accustomed to people early on, preferably as an Oddish, to avoid its stink bomb of a reaction. Gloom will suffice with small bugs (which make them cool pest controllers), but might accidentally eat your smaller Pokémon if you arenít watchful. Teach your Gloom what food is and what isn't; this is very important if you are planning on raising it into a Vileplume. Before using the Leaf Stone or Sun Stone on Gloom, be advised that the following morphs are harder to take care of. Vileplume have voracious appetites, filling up with at least 1 times its weight, so be sure to barter with your local butcher if you donít want your wallet to suffer. Vileplume prefers its food raw. If properly raised while a Gloom, it wonít attack others for food. Be sure to make your Vileplume shake off its petals often, as over-accumulation of pollen will make it sick. Bellossom, while less gluttonous, are amongst the most expensive Pokémon to maintain. Its leaves and petals should be groomed constantly and supplied with High-quality nectar and vitamin water for Pokémon sold by authorized locales. Bellossom enjoy strolling around in the sun; take it on a stroll often, as it will need lots of sun before a heated battle.
If you fancy Grass Pokémon for your team, the Oddish line is, while not the most powerful, very useful as support in teams that utilize Sunny Day.

!!Courting and Childrearing

While Oddish multiplies itself by using spores similar to those from ferns, its further morphs undergo a pollen-based reproduction characteristic of flowering plants; they exhibit sexual dimorphism, with males possessing only stamens and females possessing only pistils. (Females can produce the toxic pollen that they use to incapacitate prey and attackers, but only the males will be able to produce reproductive pollen containing sperm cells.) Male Gloom and Vileplume will produce pollen during spring, relying on the wind and passerby, Combee, Beedrill, and Butterfree (the only Pokémon it doesnít prey upon aside from itself) to spread them over to females without any sort of ritual. Mating Bellossom will dance upon meeting, while males release their pollen and females release "sleep powder" to keep predators at bay. Throughout the course of late spring and summer, female Gloom and Vileplume will spit 5 little blue bulbs from their stigmas, which spread and bury around the area. These bulbs will grow into an Oddish when the next Spring Solstice arrives. Female Bellossom are much more fertile, releasing 10 bulbs in a manner similar to laying an egg. Bulbs laid by Bellossom seem to develop faster thanks to the tropical climate in which Bellossom are common.

!!Social Structure

While solitary at birth, Oddish will join up in groups of 3. Oddish trios use each other for protection against predators and to use teamwork to overcome obstacles. Upon morphing into Gloom, they will become solitary creatures. If two Gloom meet, they will be mutually spooked and will start spreading their bad odors everywhere, much to the surrounding creatures'´dismay. Vileplume are also solitary, but wonít mind another morph's presence; for this reason, Oddish and Gloom will often bud with Vileplume, which protects them from large predators. Bellossom are more social, and often found in groups of up to 10 members.


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