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05:15:50 PM Jul 10th 2014
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So... I'm thinking that it's kind of odd that the the "remaining 10% that's worth dying for" wasn't recced, and everyone was reccing complete garbage, instead.
12:04:27 AM Jul 11th 2014
According to your opinionm that is. It's not the only one on earth.
04:12:33 AM Jul 11th 2014
Also, since you obviously know those 10%, why aren't you recommending them?
10:08:53 PM Jul 14th 2014
I don't know the 10%. That's why I came here to look for them. Unfortunately, I didn't find them.
01:55:47 AM Jul 15th 2014
Yeah, not everybody will find their cup of tea in a fanfic rec page.
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