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01:06:37 PM Apr 18th 2014
I must delete the Conversation in the Main Page about Don't Panic, because it was too long to fit into a review (longer than 400 words). Here is a copy. Notice the ugly pile of bullets, and how everyone except Ansela is anonymous.

  • Recommended by: Ansela
  • Synopsis: The rare "Modern Girl Winds Up In Middle Earth" fic where the transplantee doesn't get things all their own way. Penny is lost, alone, and unable to speak the language, and has no useful skills to help her survive. The story follows her as she tries to fit in, first at Rivendell, and then in Rohan and Gondor.
  • Comments: Both stories are complete.
    • Nnnnyeeuh....The first one is good, but the second one gets really preachy after about thirty chapters. Anti-war sentiments get really annoying when I can't go anywhere without them.
      • Not so much anti-war as war really, really sucks and people with post-traumatic stress disorder need treatment. The main character lambasts the shallow flirt who badmouths a soldier suffering from PTSD, and it's never said that war is evil. Penny never even tries to stop it, implying that it was necessary to stop Sauron.
    • These stories are shockingly intelligent and thoughtful (what would it really be like for a 21st-century girl to appear in Middle Earth?) and frequently too funny for the reader's good. If you don't laugh out loud at least once every few chapters, there may be something wrong with you.
    • Seconded. Poor Penny - she reacts just as you'd expect a Lord of the Rings fanatic to upon being lost in a fantasy world and meeting people and seeing places from the books - fear upon seeing Amon Sūl, for example, and wanting to weep upon coming to Imladris - but combined with amazement and awe and joy upon meeting Elrond and Gandalf. You identify with her because, let's face it, who among us wouldn't freak out then go into paroxysms of awe and amazement upon meeting Elrond Peredhel? There's also some good humour, such as Penny mixing up her Elvish languages and Aragorn remarking in disbelief, "She speaks Quenya now!" Toloth ellyn, Halbarad. Toloth!
    • A bit of an exaggeration above. The stories are good and often humorous, but the entire thing ends up in YMMV territory pretty quickly.
    • Agreed with the Troper Above. The story can come as too much: Too much drama, too much crying, too much angst that it robes the "Real Life" sense is trying to implement and it seems to hurl it to parody. This troper couldn't finish because it found her desire to "stay in Middle Earth" (Chapter 24)to be incredible stupid and was simply tired (not to mention disturbed by her lack of sickness) of her crying/screaming over the top at every single action around 15 to 20 times for chapter. I wouldn't recommend it unless you had seen too many Mary Sue Insert Fic and want something to mock them.
  • Jcatgrl would like to know if there should be two separate works pages for the stories that would have to be ptitled, or if one works page titled "Panicverse" would suffice.
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