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05:35:54 PM Jun 19th 2017
edited by The_Cosmic_Troper
As I'd said, I'm looking at this page and noticed that there are actual story links and recommendations for said stories posted where only links to authors and websites should be. Was that a mistake? should I fix it if it is?
08:47:17 AM Nov 4th 2012
Moving this here incase the author posts the fic again:

Angel by Shadow Holds Sway. (Alternate Universe, contains strong language.)
  • Recommended by Zero Tw0, Fawn
  • Status: Was deleted.
  • Synopsis: The story's summary is as follows: The first casualty of fame is always innocence. It's a lesson Pit learns the hard way when he joins the League and becomes an overnight sensation. But neither money, nor women, nor power can seduce an angel away from his dreams...can they?
  • Comments: Sway takes the whole ensemble of the Smash Bros. series and blends it seamlessly into a place dominated by mass-media, hot broads (as Artie puts it) and multi-million dollar salaries. While there are definitely fics out there that equal its writing standard, no other has managed to make an AU fic look so good. Can't think of a reason not to recommend it.
  • Tags: Alternate Universe Fic, Orphaned Series, Out of Character.

08:55:20 AM Aug 14th 2012
How do you add recs? I'm a newbie (and a hopeless one at that), and I'm a bit confused.
09:06:50 AM Aug 14th 2012
Welcome to TVT! Just go ahead and add a rec (click the edit button and scroll to where you want) at the bottom of the right section — this is a wiki anyone can contribute to. Below is the formatting with the markup visible, but on the main page it'll display like the other recs if you just paste this and change the text appropriately. Leave out the Pairings line if there aren't any.

''[[http://theURLofthe.fic Title of the Fic]]'' by Author's Name
* ''Recommended by'': Tropers/TheWordMaster
* ''Status'': Dead/Dormant/Ongoing/Finished * ''Pairings'': Character1/Character2
* ''Synopsis'': A brief description of the plot, hopefully without spoilers for the fanfic or the original story unless necessary. Many people use the FF.NET line here.
* ''Comments'': This is where you get to gush about what you like in the story, if there's anything major to note, large deviations from canon, etc.. If your're adding a comment to an existing rec, do so by making both comments (the original and your new one) separate second-level bullets.
11:08:42 AM Aug 14th 2012
Actually, that's not how it works - instead of a comments section, you add a review tab. See the main Fan Fic Recommendations page (and its rules and guidelines) for details.
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