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10:48:02 AM Apr 18th 2014
In regards to the Fanfic Recs page; how come 'SHADO Commander' isn't on the list? At the very least I believe his/her story "At the Centerfold of the Storm" should be on it.

It's one of his/her most popular stories and considering the fact that it's won several fannie awards I feel it should be on the page. It's an amazingly written fic that delves into issues and plots that work well within the KP Universe. Characterization is flawless and believable. OCs are used amazingly; they don't feel like some random add-on characters, they are actively engaged in the plot. And if you're a Ki Go fan and haven't read this, do so NOW. The progressive relation between Kim and Shego is done spectacularly. There's more I can say but it's best if you read it yourself to fully grasp how good this fanfic is.

On a related note, it's best if you read SHADO Commander's oneshot "Clique Clique". It serves as a prequel to "At the Centerfold of the Storm" and will fill you in on some background information needed to understand the beginnings of the story.
03:01:56 PM Apr 18th 2014
It's not on the list because nobody bothered to add it. Feel free to do so.
06:45:58 AM Apr 19th 2014
Oh. Okay.
08:16:52 PM May 19th 2013
I'm trying to find a bunch of Kim Possible fics I read once, all by the same author. I can remember what a number of them were about, but not any of their titles. I can't find them on - I suspect they may have been taken down.

If anyone can identify the titles and/or author's name, I would be grateful:

  • Kim Possible X Dr. Director. Semi-crack - Follows Dr. Director as Kim tries to convince her to go on a date. Eventually she succeeds. Later, Kim has to introduce her to her parents - despite not having told them about her new lover's age or gender.

  • Dr. Director X Mrs. Possible. They are having an affair. First couple chapters cover their motivations and a date. Then one of the recurring villains (don't recall which but he has Betty's brother and had minions named after Greek letters) finds out about it, and kidnaps Mrs. Possible as an attack on Dr. Director - not realizing that Mrs. Possible is related to Kim. GJ raid his office and save her.

  • Kim X All the Go Brothers. Pure Crack. Shego is stalking Kim, catches her in bed with one of the Go brothers. Then he leaves - and another of the borthers was hiding in the closet. He leaves, and the twins come out from under the bed. Etc. Shego is so depressed she commits suicide.

  • Shego-centric fic. Shego gets a call from one of her brothers - the eldest brother (Hego, I think?) was mortally wounded protecting a bus full of children from poisonous birds of some type. Shego comes home to say goodbye. He makes her promise to watch over the others. After he dies, she goes after the villain who released the birds, looking for revenge. She nearly kills him, but is convinced at the last moment to take him in alive, because that's what her brother would have done. At the funeral, Shego talks to Kim and explains that she is sociopathic - she simply does not care for the well-being of strangers. If she could 'flip a switch and make it so all those kids were dead and her brother alive, she'd do it in a heartbeat'. Kim is shocked, but comes to understand Shego better. Shego decides to stay - not rejoining the Go team, but giving up her life of crime to protect them as she promised.

  • One-shot. Dr. Director and Mrs. Possible are talking in Mrs. Possible's office. Dr. Director talks about her past, and her long-time rivalry with a thief she could never catch, who inspired her to remain in law-enforcement, and how she's thankful, now, to that thief. Mrs. Possible /was/ that thief - she realizes that this woman is the determined officer her pursued her all those years ago. Mrs. Possible teeters on the verge of admitting it was her. She ends up giving a thinly veiled statement that 'she is sure the thief cared about you too and is thankful as well'.

There were a couple other ones I don't remember well - very cracky and sometimes sexual. Does anyone recognize these?
07:50:27 PM Aug 4th 2012
Would someone recommend my stories? I go by Jonathon Wolf. I don't want to be arrogant by recommending myself, and I don't really know how readers see my work.
07:12:33 AM Aug 5th 2012
Eh, just give it time. Quality will out, and if it doesn't, just try to improve. These pages are intended for the best of the best of fanfic - there's no shame in not being on here, much as there's no shame in (to use an extreme example) being a cyclist and not having an Olympic gold medal.
09:52:13 AM Aug 5th 2012
Heh. There was a time, when I was more active in that community, that I believed I was one of the best of the best. I've received praise from half the writers on that list; I was told I was one of the top for the fandom. I was once asked to contribute to a scene where my expy provided a psychoanalysis of Kim and Ron in another writer's story. Perhaps those glory days are past. Still gotta keep writing, though.
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