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11:41:57 PM Sep 6th 2016
edited by Noelemahc
Re: Capitalization of race names.

Canon does it, the fic does it, language rules regarding nationalities do it. Why decapitalize the races?

EDIT: Compelling argument.
04:41:44 AM Sep 7th 2016
edited by GentlemensDame883
You did read the link I provided, I hope? Well, like your link there says, it's a thing that refuses to die, a mistake that keeps getting perpetuated by people who should know better about how species are supposed to be not capitalised.

That named after the planet thing specifically shouldn't apply to ME because ME races don't follow the species name = planet name thing so many other works are guilty of.

Nationalities... turians are the species. The Turian Hierarchy is the nation. See the difference?

In all bluntness, though, I don't have any skin in the game regarding this, so if you want to go recapitalise them, I won't touch those.
12:27:52 AM Apr 23rd 2014
As per Handling Spoilers, I'm starting to take out spoiler markers over trope names. If anyone has suggestions on how we deal with the really big ones, please do tell.
08:44:19 PM Jan 11th 2013
Y'all think we have enough Shout Outs to make a page for this?
03:35:08 PM Jan 12th 2013
Nobody's stopping you.
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