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01:58:54 AM Jul 6th 2013
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I've edited the description significantly. Reasons here.
The first paragraph was completely unnecessary, a roundabout way of gushing for this fanfic, and just a bad way to open, especially as it was so long. Axed.

The second one was only a line and was dependent on the first paragraph, so I've merged the fanfic link into another part of the description and deleted that too.

The third paragraph seemed like it would be a good description until stuff like "awesome", "seamless", and "the fic's aim" came up. I've rewritten some of it to make it more neutral in tone, and removed most of it because tropes don't usually need to be mentioned above the example line and gushing about a story never needs to be mentioned outside the Sugar Wiki etc..

The fourth paragraph was like the third except shorter, so it didn't have as much space to gush. Being so like the third, it can safely be removed, but I've just snipped the gushing at the moment.

The fifth paragraph contained some fanfic history (good), some gushing (not good), and some blatant lies (not good at all), namely that it was quoted all over the wiki. Consider it significantly trimmed.

The sixth paragraph, the "not to be confused with" line, just needed a full stop.
If you would like to flesh out the description, feel free to do so, but please don't use this page as a place to gush about how great this fic is.
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