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10:24:04 PM Apr 30th 2014
I haven't watched it yet, but isn't that opening picture pretty much a spoiler? What's with that?!
01:37:03 AM May 1st 2014
I do not see anything spoilerish there. You might want to consult Image Picking about this.
01:54:13 PM May 5th 2014
This is the creator. The picture is the very first shot of the movie: it opens on a slow zoom out to Tenshi standing over a mortally wounded Brolli. The idea is you're supposed to know he's going to die to make his misadventures that much more nihilistic: no matter what he does, it's going to end exactly where you know it does.
10:41:55 AM Jul 5th 2013
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I think "Fanfic" is not the correct domain, I guess it should be "WebAnimation".

There was another thing to discuss here, but I digress and deleted it (it was my own post).
06:20:50 AM Sep 12th 2013
Fanfic doesn't have to be in the form of written works, I think. Web Animation implies that it is original and not derived, but it's not, it is derived from another fiction, therefore, it is a fanfiction. Its media doesn't matters, it is a fanfic in its nature.
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