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04:26:27 PM Feb 20th 2013
Why are so many fanvids under the Fan Fic namespace? Can we not put them under Web Video or Web Animation, and leave Fan Fic for written works?
03:50:23 PM Nov 14th 2012
Question: Am I allowed to shamelessly self-promote my own fanfic by mentioning trope examples from it on different trope pages, creating a page for it, and that sort of thing? I know we're not allowed to self-promote our own fanfics on fanfic recommendation pages...
12:19:47 PM Jun 17th 2012
Just a heads up, apparently Ponibooru will go dark in a couple of months, so I'd probably be best to switch the Ponibooru links with alternatives.
03:23:24 PM Jun 17th 2012
Either that or remove them if we can't find a proper replacement link. (Although I don't think we'll have to do that.)
08:36:56 PM Aug 1st 2012
edited by y2k
I've added a page for the fan/fic/ theatre 3000 MSTs of Conversion Berau and My Little Unicorn. Also Ponychan seems to be down at the moment.
05:23:43 AM Mar 16th 2012
Would anyone else like to see a Mysterious Mare-Do-Well comic series under Just For Fun, like we did for Daring Do?
11:09:38 AM Feb 20th 2012
4chan just added an mlp board. Does anyone think this is worth adding to the Image Boards section, or no?
11:32:30 AM Dec 2nd 2011
Would Turnabout Storm actually fall in the fan vid section? Yeah, it's in video format, but the Fan Vid article says that works in that category use actual fottage of the show (or whatever) they are based on, and this one has no use of fottage, video is just the way its shown.
06:17:17 AM Nov 26th 2011
Why is two of the A Game Of Gods RP Gs on this list? I know Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy are in there, but I don't think it's enough to warrant a spot on the list.
05:37:36 PM Nov 27th 2011
I've added notes to distinguish between pony-centric and non-pony-centric crossovers.
09:14:24 AM Nov 30th 2011
That doesn't change the fact that they do not go on this page. Having three(?) characters in common doesn't make it a fan work to do with the series.
09:21:26 AM Nov 30th 2011
In that case, I guess Ink City doesn't go on here either.
03:54:21 PM Nov 14th 2011
Figured I'd comment on the organization of the fanfics, since I'm the one who did it :P

I grouped up the Fallout: Equestria stories because they're all set in the same 'verse, and Mines of Dragon Mountains is a sequel to Timelords and Terror. Sequels and spinoffs is what I was going for when "grouping" fanfics together like that.
10:29:52 PM Nov 6th 2011
can we add tropes to this page cus theres some that realte to the fandom and only the fandom
05:43:55 AM Nov 10th 2011
This index was made to remove all the fanon stuff in the crowning moments pages. I'm not sure what the plan is beyond that, but that discussion is here
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