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09:21:58 AM May 5th 2014
The Messiah has been disambiguated. Please readd under a better trope.
  • The Messiah: Evidently, Kazama's version of Minato and Kushia expected this of their son. It backfires on them spectacularly when they failed to take into account that even he has human limitations to the amount of cruelty dished out upon him.
    • Deconstructed and Averted with Naruko as well. At first glance Naruko seems to have her canon self's messiah like personality but it has been revealed that Naruko's messiah persona has been a ruse she created because she thought it would make people want to be friends with her, she didn't think anyone would want to be friends with her more morose and somber real self so she used her Consummate Liar skills and Kurama's Mind Rape skills to create a false personality. She later drop's it after her fight with Kitsune's Kyuubi. And she's far better off without her false persona.
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