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08:06:11 AM Jan 1st 2016
edited by Paireon
...Ooookay. Seems some people with a very poor understanding of either wiki editing, the gaming industry, or both have made a mess of things (neither Green Ronin or Paizo are White Wolf subsidiaries, nor were they ever, for starters).

Gonna have to try and clean that up.
03:39:28 AM Jan 1st 2013
edited by Arivne
Removed the following because they are not even close to being Eldritch Abominations as defined by the trope. For example, seeing them does not cause insanity and they are not overwhelming powerful on their own.

  • Another subterranean race culled from Lovecraft are the kuo-toa, amphibian humanoids consciously modeled on the Deep Ones.

  • The Ancients in Traveller. Especially Grandfather, who uplifted the rest and exterminated them by himself after they outlived their usefulness.
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