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10:09:58 AM Mar 11th 2014
"To be fair, while it's true Voldie was never a nice guy the rather heavy-handed way this is shown has lead to some fan revoltówe only ever hear Dumbledore's side of the story. The orphanage matron's complaints in the pensive memory sound eerily similar to the slander Harry receives on Privet drive which opens up an Alternate Character Interpretation of Tom Riddle being a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds rather than a Complete Monster. And then there's Dumbledore's method of dealing with a troubled kleptomaniac orphan with mental/behavioral problemsó-is to set his things on fire and think that will teach him a lesson. It taught him a lesson all rightóthat Might Makes Right. And just like with Harry, Dumbledore could have helped Tom but he chose not to. He kept sending Tom back to the muggle orphanage in the middle of the Blitz and then you wonder why the guy is interested in, you know, not dying. If it's our choices that define us then Tom chose to be a monster but Dumbledore chose to be an absolute dick who should not be allowed to teach children since Dumbledore doesn't learn from his mistake and does the same thing to Harry."

This looks like a lot of natter that should be cut. Will do so if there are no objections.
02:39:58 PM May 22nd 2014
Yeah, I was going to suggest it myself. I say go for it.
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