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02:35:03 PM Feb 6th 2013
edited by BuddyBoy600alt
Here are some other video games I know of that has the Downer Ending:

"Bubble Bobble" If you have beaten the game with just 1 player, The character that you are going to rescue will vanished leaving you with the caption reading "Sad Ending!: This is not a true ending! Try again with your friend." No ending credits are shown. To get a better ending, You have to do it with 2 players.

"The Three Stooges" If you paid less that $5,000 dollars, The Orphanage will be foreclosed by the evil banker: I. Fleecum. And we see The Stooges get frightened. And the evil banker gives out his last and laugh and tell the stooges that "($0-$4,999) is not enough. The Orphanage is Mine!!!" And we see a message that reads "Your mission has failed. Game Over!" Just like Bubble Bobble, No ending credits is shown. It is better if you go over $5,000 dollars and more (Orphanage is saved) or $10,000 dollars and more (Orphanage is saved and repaired) or even $15,000 and more (Orphanage is repaired and saved. And there is enough money for the Stooges to get married).
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