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03:12:06 AM Jun 16th 2017
edited by Occidensill
"Some gaming experts also believe that the E3 had a dork age in 1996, if only because the best-selling video game of that year was not featured on the E3 floor at all."

So, this was weird to come across. Apparently added in 2015, by hydrix, and edited several times without anyone noticing that it was absurd. I'm no gaming historian, but at least half a dozen games came out that year which sold more. The biggest might be Pokemon Red and Green at 9 point something million sold that year, which wouldn't have been at that E3 since it wasn't released in North America until 1998, but I'm not inclined to dig enough to confirm that, and there's no sourcing for E3 1996 being a dork age anyway, so the point is moot. DKC 3 sold 3 point something million copies, by the way. Very good, but definitely not the most that year.
01:59:21 PM Dec 24th 2016
So Nintendo gets its own Dork Age entry, but other companies (such as Capcom) get deleted for being "company- and industry-bashing examples"?
08:36:42 PM May 15th 2015
edited by Demongodofchaos2
I'm not the only one who thinks Konami as a wholee should be on this page, should I? After all, if the the anime and manga page can make an argument that the whole medium went through one, then a single company as a whole going through one should at least be written on here.
01:45:29 AM May 16th 2015
06:35:37 PM Feb 26th 2017
Look for Konami in Fallen Creator.
09:35:56 AM Mar 29th 2017
It's not a Dork Age unless it snaps back shortly afterwards.. The whole-medium example on Anime and Manga really doesn't fit. If it's on Fallen Creator, that's enough.
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