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12:54:49 AM Oct 18th 2010
Cutlist discussion:

What kind of cut reason is "Stub."? You don't cut stubs, you expand them.
02:36:50 AM Oct 18th 2010
edited by Hylarn
It was a single line. That's like being blank, except that it doesn't signal that someone should create it.

Also; policy is that pages should be in a state of near-completion at all times.
08:43:15 AM Oct 18th 2010
edited by PaulA
Policy is that the cutlist [is] not the "Needs More Work" list.
02:58:40 PM Oct 18th 2010
While I agree there's only one sentence about Dorothy Parker on the page, there's also a lot more than just the one sentence at this time - maybe somebody expanded it since you cutlisted?

In either case, I have to agree with PaulA.
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