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05:35:17 PM Aug 7th 2013
One thing I noticed, even way back in the mid 1990s when I had bought and installed Warcraft II, is how incredibly stable and bug-free the game was, compared to other DOS or Windows games at that time. And that's still my impression today, having played a lot of Diablo II and a LOT of World of Warcraft, and some Starcraft I, that there's a difference in programming quality, somehow, or subsequent testing. I've never been in a Blizzard beta, so maybe that's different, but when they release a game, it's my expectation that it'll be rock-stable.

So... Is there a trope for that?
09:53:51 PM Aug 18th 2013
I don't know, but I've noticed it too, especially when compared to game producers like Bethesda and Oblivion. Not only that, but Blizzard tends to release patches for years and years after a game's release; I think it stopped supporting the original Starcraft and Diablo II a -decade- after release.
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