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12:03:27 PM Jun 10th 2017
Should this page be moved to the Self Demonstrating/ namespace? If so, we could keep this page and rewrite the article to be objective.
11:45:35 PM Aug 26th 2012
I read it in his voice.
04:29:42 AM Sep 28th 2012
We all did. We all did.
07:41:36 AM May 27th 2010
Holy crap. Is this article genuinely written by the man himself?
02:45:46 PM Nov 11th 2010
no it's not

it's just a very lame joke
07:08:40 AM Jan 27th 2013
Dear Mr. West I hope it really is you. I want you to know that in my youth my family and I (yes, we watched as a family!) loved your performance on Batman. We got the joke. We thought all of the characters and acting were brilliant. Good comedy requires solid acting skills. This is why the program was successful in attracting the acting talent that it did. As for your career, like Lucille Ball (a rare Hollywood beauty in her youth if you saw her before her "Lucy" schtick) I think you were so good looking they did not know what to do with you. Do you remember your Bewitched episode? You played a handsome man! How do I know my theory is correct? Much of your face was covered up during the action of Batman. (It is interesting that the producers also considered Lyle Waggoner for the role. That was their joke.) Lucy had to create her own company to find success. Then, all the Hollywood A-list appeared on her programs— just like on Batman. I am sorry that we did not see more of your remarkably handsome face in more films, but at least you had a successful TV run and are now a legend. The grown up fans who remember adore you. I hope this news finds you in good health. Thanks for a job well acted.
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