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11:06:50 AM Apr 14th 2017
Just to say, the image used for the article is not really appropriate as it's not Paperinik New Adventures' related, but rather the classic Paperinik. I'd suggest changing it with a more fitting picture that at least features elements that are unmistakably related to PKNA, like this one:
11:13:53 AM Apr 14th 2017
You have to open a thread in Image Pickin' and post your suggestion.
04:11:31 PM Sep 1st 2013
So I found Disney Digital Comics in Comic Vine. One is Super Duck, is that the PK thing mentioned in the page? If so, shouldn't it say it is?
02:24:35 PM Nov 22nd 2013
It should be the traduction of the reboot("Pikappa")
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