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04:50:52 PM Jun 19th 2017
I'm slightly confused. I can accept that Superfiend belongs on the fanworks and not on the main page, but why is Judge Minty on the main page?
09:31:37 PM May 25th 2013
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Contested example:

  • The Gunslinger: Dredd is both a Type A and a Type D, occasionally drifting into Type B.

Seeing that Type Labels Are Not Examples, working to flesh out specific context of how this trope applies to Dredd would make for better reading than... well, this. Have at it.
10:41:13 AM Jun 1st 2013
There's been at least two occasions (against Rico and Raider, both former judges he was a the academy with) where Dredd has been in a Wild West type Quick Draw showdown and has been quicker on the draw than them and at least another where he's had to draw against several opponents.
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