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02:01:10 PM Nov 9th 2013
Krypton Returns has already begun in Action Comics Annual #2. Are we going to write info about that story arc here or are we going to make a whole new article?
03:44:51 PM Nov 9th 2013
I created this page and I say go ahead and make Krypton Returns a separate page. It's pretty short, but it's different enough to have its own page.
09:52:48 AM Feb 15th 2013
edited by Gatordragon24
This is referring to the Idiot Plot example someone posted in the YMMV page:

Idiot Plot:A lot of what's going would be unravelled by Supergirl taking 5 seconds to ask questions, or Superman taking 5 seconds to mention the Earth-Shattering Kaboom aspect of H'el's plan.Also,there doesn't appear to be any reason at all some other uninhabited star system couldn't be used for the villains plan

Since it's subjective, I would like give a couple of reasons as to why I don't think the story's an Idiot Plot:

1. Supergirl never knew that H'el's plan would result in the destruction of our solar system because H'el never mentioned it to her until late in the story. When he did mention it, he didn't say that Earth would be destroyed, only that it would contribute with its sacrifice. Supergirl did question him on how much of a sacrifice Earth would have to make and H'el reassured her that the people of Earth wouldn't suffer with their sacrifice and when they leave, it would be like they were never there. At that point, she trusted him enough to take his word for it. When Superboy tried to tell her about Earth's destruction, she doesn't believe him because he's a clone and she trusts H'el more than him. Also, Supergirl was very desperate to finally return to Krypton and was more focused on finally going home instead of the effects H'el's plan would have on Earth.

2. Superman didn't find out about the destruction part of H'el's plan until he consulted Lex Luthor in the middle of the story. He couldn't tell Supergirl about it because she was deep in the Fortress of Solitude with H'el. After finally making it to H'el and Supergirl's room, he tries to explain it to her, but H'el teleports the Fortress away before he can explain.

3. As to why H'el couldn't find some other uninhabited solar system for his plan, it's because all the resources he needed for his plan were on Earth. The kryptonite and the quantam crystal were needed to build his Star Chamber and the best place to find them was Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Also, it's made clear several times throughout the story that H'el thinks Earth is inferior and doesn't care if it gets destroyed. Why should he waste time going to another solar system if Earth's destruction isn't a big deal to him?

To sum up my thoughts, the characters were not being idiots. Superman didn't learn about Earth's possible destruction until the middle of the story and was prevented from explaining it to Supergirl. H'el mentioned it to Supergirl about Earth's sacrifice and Supergirl questioned him. He told her that the people of Earth wouldn't suffer because of their sacrifice and Supergirl thought he meant that Earth would be fine. H'el came to Earth needed the resources for his plan were on Earth and he doesn't care if it gets destroyed.
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