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10:34:13 AM Feb 27th 2014
Regarding Information of the To G Universe

This information is made readily available by SIU as Word of God. Since this isn't information given by the story (and thus doesn't spoil anything), should information such as "the 'top' of the tower as referred to by the government is floor 134" really be hidden by spoiler tags?
11:39:24 AM May 21st 2013

Tower of God is a series with Loads and Loads of Characters and i can't help but notice that the characters' page is becoming more and more cluttered. Wouldn't it be sensible to move all these 'minor' characters to their own folder? I mean, guys like Sunwoo Narea or one-shot villians like Lurker seem to be Put on a Bus, and received comparatively little characterization compared to, say Kang or Anak (who, while being supportive cast, are much more important to the plot).

I propose creating a 'minor characters' folder and move all the one-arc wonders there with description like "Hong Chunhwa - A knight-like Regular. Fisherman, debuted in Arc 1 during the Hide-and-Seek test" (just an example). One-arc villians like Tin or Rapdevil can go there as well. What do you think?

Second, Zero Context Examples. I think we should fix these ASAP - could you help me guys?

Third - we have lots of tropes and text, but it all seems pretty dreary, since we have comparatively little pictures. Could someone with a little bit more taste than myself help fixing this?

What do you think about the above?
10:01:37 AM Nov 30th 2012
edited by FallenAngelitz
Hey, isn't the Characters page a little... well, messy? The Rankers are all over the Rankers and Background Characters folders, between those who had appeared and those who had not. Some of them hadn't even gotten a name drop outside of the Siu's blog, and even then, they are all jumbled up. Even the Regulars' folder could be better organized. Tower of God suffers from Loads and Loads of Characters, and there are bound to be more on the way.

I propose we separate them into these pages:

  • Main and Core Characters
  • Regulars (debuting in Season One)
  • Regulars (debuting in Season Two)
  • Rankers
  • Zahard and the Ten Families' Faction (eg. Zahard, the Princesses, Arie Hon, RED...etc)
  • Irregulars
  • Others (Guardians, 13 month series, FUG)

It could help with the spoilering, and I've seen other pages do the same thing. I'm new here, so I hope I'm not offending anyone. ^^'
10:29:47 PM Mar 24th 2013
edited by Aquillion
I'm not sure that Ja Wangnan belongs in Main and Core Characters — it feels like a lot of fans leaped on the fact that he was presented as a focus character in the first plot arc of season two, and assumed that he was the "new" main character.

But his importance basically seems to have evaporated once that plot arc was finished — since then, he's pretty much been just another generic member of that team. There might be more done with him later (we still don't know what's up with his Zahard ring), but it's all a bit speculative, and most other characters have their own plot arcs, too. So I'd suggest just moving him to the Season Two regulars section.

That is to say — he seems like a character who has his own plot arc (like the Zahard princesses) but there's no indication yet that the narrative's main plot arc between Baam and Rachel involves him yet (not the way it involves, well, Baam, Rachel, and Koon, anyway.) So he probably doesn't belong in the top section yet, though later events might put him there.
06:32:32 AM Dec 26th 2011
Okay, with the reveal of Rachel's true nature, there might be a few changes… Headon said Rachel, not Baam, was not invited, and the fact that they entered the tower almost simultaneously kinda shows that not Bamm, but Rachel is the irregular everybody talking about. Akryung has the fandom awarded status of irregular because Quant said that both an irregular and a princess were in Rachels group. And since she was seemingly a regular, everybody thought that Akryung was the irregular. Now it seems that both Baam and Akryung are regulars. What do you think?
01:35:33 AM Mar 1st 2012
edited by Aquillion
Akryung is definitely not an Irregular; he isn't actually taking the test at all. He is a person Headon prepared as an escort for Rachel. By process of elimination (and from the fact that Headon flat-out said she wasn't chosen), we know Rachel is an Irregular. (According to the wiki — if it's accurate — Rachel is the first known Irregular to be assigned the Light Bearer position.)

However, that doesn't mean that Baam isn't an Irregular. Part of the issue is that there's really two conflicting definitions for Irregular that have been given at different points: One is anyone who takes the test without being invited (as Rachel is) and the other is anyone who forced the test's door open themselves, indicating that they're freakishly powerful (as Baam did.) Since both of them seem to be treated as Irregulars by the tower's social structures, they should probably both be listed as such here.

I'm also not sure that the 'chosen by the tower' that Headon talked about is the same thing that makes someone a Regular. The way other characters have talked about it implies, to me, that there's usually more to it than that — people assumed that Baam would already have learned about the tower in the process of being chosen, say.

In any case, I suspect that the fanbase places way more stock in the 'status' of an Irregular than it's actually worth. Being able to force the door of the tower open is significant because it means you have incredible power, and taking the tests without permission is disruptive to the existing social structure of the tower (as established by the king) because it means you are operating outside it. Beyond that it doesn't mean very much in and of itself.
04:07:06 PM Mar 1st 2012
edited by Aquillion
Aha! I was reading over translations of the author's blog, here, and I came across something that made it suddenly make sense to me. It says:

A long time ago, King Jahad came into the uncivilized Tower and taught the inhabitants civilization and ruled over them. He had said, "This place is too boggy."

For us, who were born and raised inside the Tower, it is statement that makes no sense. But for the people outside the Tower, the "irregulars", it is something they know very well. Surprisingly, there's no Shinsoo in their world, and something called "air" fills their world instead. They said that the Tower filled with Shinsoo is too boggy and uncomfortable for them. soon as I read that, I got it. Basically: People are misunderstanding what the 'door' means and what it divides. First, a reminder: the tower is divided into the inner and outer tower. Regulars are selected from the outer tower and send to climb the inner one. (Everyone assumed Baam would know this, because as far as they know, everyone comes from the outer tower.) But the 'door' of the tower doesn't lead between the inner and outer towers — it lead to the OUTSIDE. That is, an Irregular isn't really someone who forces the door or who takes the test without being chosen (though they're usually both those things, by definition.) An Irregular is anyone from outside the tower! The reason this hasn't been stated explicitly is because most people in the tower don't even understand that an outside exists. That's why the quote above has to explain the concept of air, and that's why everyone was so confused at Baam's ignorance — people understand that Irregulars come through the door, but they don't really get that there's a world outside the tower.

At least, that's my understanding.
09:45:42 PM Mar 3rd 2012
Two other things related to this:

In this page, Androssi implies that she knew Akryung from before the game started. That (as Lero-ro says in the previous chapter) isn't supposed to be possible — normally, divisions are set up so you don't meet anyone you knew from before in the test.

She also says that Rachel felt like 'someone from another world', which fits with the idea that Irregulars are actually people who come from outside the tower, and that most of the people in the tower have only a vague understanding that there's actually anything outside the tower at all.

Anyway, I guess it's still just a theory, but it seems to match with everything that's been said and what's in the author's blog.
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