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09:19:28 PM Mar 12th 2014
Karmic Death: Boo stabs him [Ewell] with his own knife. At least in the book, wasn't it actually a kitchen knife from the Radley Place that was used on him while Ewell himself used a switchblade?
05:57:20 AM Mar 14th 2015
Yes, it was. Heck Tate had Ewell's switchblade on him at the Finch house, when he told the doctor that the knife that killed Ewell was "still in 'im." When Atticus asked Tate where he got the switchblade he had on him, Tate's reply was that he "took it off a drunk." It's fairly obvious that Tate removed Ewell's knife from the crime scene to make it appear as if Ewell fell on his own knife; two knives on the scene would complicate the story too much.
08:18:11 AM Jul 25th 2013

Scout can not be the protagatanist and the First-Person Peripheral Narrator at the same time.
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