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06:26:47 AM Jun 16th 2016
I... don't quite agree with the removal of the Tanabata entry from Kusuha's trope list. The thing is, despite being a Useful Notes page, Tanabata is often used as a trope, as the date has a lot of meaning in East Asian cultures. It's very clearly being used as such here.

Perhaps a new "Tanabata Symbology" trope entry is in order for this?
11:09:35 AM Mar 23rd 2013
Yuuki and Carla...

Their Psychic Powers trope, while nothing major, when attacked by another Psychodriver in Original Generation 2 will comment about "feeling the enemy's mind pressute." or something along those lines.
12:07:53 AM Dec 5th 2012
I have added Euzeth Gozzo below the Ze Balmarian Empire entry. If you have more information about him, be free to edit it.
02:46:09 AM Dec 6th 2012
edited by DeathVoid (Contains a lot of spoilers, so beware)

The Youtube diskussion contains a lot of information. While those explainations are fine and dandy, I won't edit Euzeth again, until we get all of his translated lines.

Also this video needs to be translated for future edits.

As it appears 4chan has information about Euzeth as well.

08:48:14 AM Apr 20th 2013
edited by
Further informations about Euzeth. Cheng Gong's posts are the relevant ones.

Also それも名無しだ('It is also a nameless')'s posts about Euzeth are crucial for further edits.
11:36:59 AM Aug 6th 2012

  • Pettanko ("Flat as a surfboard"; taken to a point it's her personal Running Gag)
    • It's also a Running Gag that every girl around her (barring the children) outclass her. Even Irui will eventually grow up to have a bigger chest than her. In one 4koma, even Sanger Zonvolt has a bouncier chest than her.

Pettanko is not a trope. UsefulNotes.Pettanko is a fanspeak term definition only. The tropes are A-Cup Angst (girl is sensitive about her lack of size) or Petite Pride (girl is proud of her flat-chestedness). Anything else is not a trope. Please return this example to the page under the correct trope if (and only if) it fits one of those two tropes.

Additionally, we do not welcome the use of the word loli on the wiki, and someone needs to read Example Indentation, because that example is poorly formatted.
05:07:45 AM Nov 15th 2011
I added some explanation of the Hebrew words in Irui's profile. Feel free to clean up the description into a more compact form if what I wrote doesn't match TV Tropes style rules.
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