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12:01:11 PM Sep 10th 2010
edited by Gamer2002
OK, some clean up is needed. Here is my idea for folders:

Main Cast: Kouji, Sayaka (arguably she can go back to Photon Laboratory), Shiro and Ankokuji.

The Photonic Power Laboratory: Profeosr Yumi, Boss and his lackeys (they work for them for most of show, so they can be here), Three Professors, rest of Mazinger Army guys,

Kurogane House: No changes needed.

Bardos Island Expedition: Juzo, Kenzo, Tetsuya

Heinrich Family (can be marged with others): Schtroheim, Lorelei

Mycenae: Zeus, Kedora, Gorgon, Tristan, Izolda, Hades

Bardos Island: Dr. Hell, Ashura, Brocken, Pygman, Gamia Q

Others: Narrator
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