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01:28:22 PM Nov 13th 2017
I feel I should explain my last edit a little better. I removed this line:

"* Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite his overly serious nature, Kocoum truly cares for and loves his friends and family. And his love for Pocahontas was genuine."

Being serious isn't a quality that would make one a jerk, so I removed the example. However, since in this case it was about being "overly serious", changing the text to, "Despite being serious to the point where he comes across as unfriendly" would probably have been a better choice, as it makes both points of the example clear.
06:21:43 AM Aug 6th 2012
Pulled, under Ratcliffe(sp?):

This trope is being merged into Complexity Addiction and there isn't enough context to tell if this is valid. If it is, please add it back under CA with an explanation of why it fits the trope.
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