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02:57:30 PM Sep 19th 2013
Power of the Hokages should go, as of 645:

  • 1. Hashirama / Biju Mode Minato
  • 2. Tobirama
  • 3. Tsunade
  • 4. Hiruzen
11:49:44 AM Sep 20th 2013
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Fact: Of the five Hokages, Tsunade is the only one that's actually alive.
Fact: Tsunade fought Madara and survived.

Conclusion: Tsunade is the strongest.
08:27:00 AM May 22nd 2013
Just to be safe, SPOILERS!

About adding Shipper on Deck to the Minato's profile, I'll just post what I sent doineedaname.

On the contrary(and I'll take this to discussion if it gets edited again) Minato compared Sakura to his wife and then asked her to take care of Naruto in a romantic context. If you need further proof I can get a raw and show you the context. He definitely did not mean 'heal my son please'. he meant 'be a good girlfriend'(also helped by the fact that neither Sakura nor Naruto explicitly denied they were involved).

I would also like to add here that if someone doesn't like Naru Saku then fine(I'm neutral I don't get offended by that) but it does weird me out a little to see a distinct Anti Naru Saku bias on what is supposedly supposed to be a neutral site. The argument s/he used is only popular among Anti Naru Saku fans and Naru Hina fans as you can probably guess. The general conscious for the neutral parties and of course the pro, is that Minato definitely meant it in a romantic manner.
01:05:50 PM May 22nd 2013
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That's about as much shoehorned as was all the mass around Hinata back in december...
Look this "context" you're talking about, it's irrelevant. Shipper on Deck is for characters who want to see two specific characters together. Minato here made the assumption that Naruto and Sakura are already together, that's why he asked Sakura to take care of his son. He basicly wished them the best. That is not equal to shipping them. That's just accepting the -supposed- choise of his kid. That's the exact opposite of shipping.
About Sakura reminding him of Kushina, that's not a proof either. He simply noted the similarity, as a similarity between his and Naruto's liking of temperamental women.
02:13:56 PM May 22nd 2013
...That's actually the best argument I've gotten :P. Duly noted I obviously meant the trope meant something else. I'll remove the edit.
03:07:49 PM May 22nd 2013
Out of curiosity which site's translation of it did you read? I looked at the translation of this chapter on three of the more popular sites, and the two where Minato says to 'take care of my son' happen to be very poor uploads of the chapter.

The two where he says 'take care of him' mix up the name of the Ten and Nine Tails on the second page, and of those one also omit an entire page of the chapter.

The third has no glaringly obvious mistakes and has Minato say 'I leave him in your capable hands' as Sakura is healing him rather than take care of him; implying he's referring to healing him and not anything relationship related.

And as for denial Sakura reacted rather violently to Naruto saying they were in a relationship. Also, earlier on in the War Arc when asked about what kind of person she likes by a fodder nin it shows her thinking of Sasuke.
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