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11:56:02 AM Jun 7th 2012
Could somebody find a way to resize the Morrighan Battle Mode and Witch Scathach portrait pictures from the Mabinogi Wiki? They're too big to put into the articles.
01:11:17 PM Jun 7th 2012
This tool gives very good quality results. You'll have to upload the images from your computer.
11:52:02 PM Jun 4th 2012
What should be done about Lugh Lavada? On one hand, common sense dictates that it's perfectly fine to place his info together with his other identity, Morgant, under one sections, since they are the same person. However, I'm also inclined to give Lavada a separate section, like this page does with Nao and Mari.
10:37:31 AM Jun 5th 2012
Just have them separate. For the most part everything's gonna be spoiler marked except for the info about his pre-Morgant days. I'll get around to it in the next couple days.