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09:42:49 AM Sep 7th 2013
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Should we really have Data-Sora's image represent what Sora looks like when there's a higher quality picture that more accurately represents Sora's personality and actually is from Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories? Namely the render used for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Re MIX?

08:25:11 PM Apr 24th 2013
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So, there are a number of references to Sora having only "slightly" better magic than Riku in Dream Drop Distance. However, in terms of stats, his magic is about 10% better for most of the game, and always at least a point better assuming they're at the same level.

Because of the way Kingdom Hearts typically handles damage calculation, small differences in numbers=significant differences in damage. A 5 point difference, which occurs at around level 50, I think, would lead to at least a 25% difference in damage for most spells and usually more. So it's not really accurate or faithful to the portrayal to stress that Sora's magic is only slightly better than Riku's.
06:45:56 PM Sep 5th 2012
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Should we add Insane Forgiveness for Sora? Considering it seems like he's willing to completely forgive ANY offense (up to and including trying to kill him or, in the case of Ansem SOD before he found out it was really Riku, DESTROYING HIS HOMEWORLD) as long as the person is genuinely trying to be repentant, and acting as though the offenses didn't happen in the first place.

Not saying that this is a BAD thing. Just saying that it seems to fit him.
02:27:18 PM Oct 30th 2012
Not anymore, since at least half of Organizationo Xiii, including some of its most devious members, seem to have given up villainy now that they're complete again. Along with Riku and Ansem the Wise's redemptions, Sora has some precedent here.
07:39:37 AM Nov 29th 2012
Alright, thanks. Was wondering is all.
08:45:55 AM Apr 5th 2011
Do we really need French voice actors on the English portion of the site?
11:01:11 AM Apr 5th 2011
edited by illegalcheese
There Is No Such Thing as Notability.

In fact, I thought "why not ?". The site may be English, but we're talking about many works from different langages, including Japanese (which voice actors are cited, though one could argue - and they would be right - that the game is first a japanese game, and that most Seiyū are pretty famous). Plus, Donald Reignoux (French version of the article is far more complete, but linking the English one seemed more appropriate), Sora's french voice, is quite famous and did a lot of dubbing (and I'm not even talking about the French Disney's voice actors).

Well, there maybe is no "need" to mention them, but it doesn't hurt anyone I think (besides, the French version of Tv Tropes isn't nearly as complete as the English one, making it more easier and interesting to complete the English one rather than to rewrite all the articles in French... Though this is just my opinion, and I would agree that the French version definitly need more writers).

In any case, I'm open to discussion, and if the french voices really don't belong here, I have no further objection to their removal.
09:17:12 AM Sep 19th 2011
I'm gonna have to agree here. No reason not to have more information if it can be standardized. Some tropers might know French as a second language and find someone they know. And if not, who cares? There's no problem with learning something new.
09:41:46 AM Feb 14th 2011
What happened to the Data Sora entry and why? Their characterizations are rather distinct, and Data Sora has had character development independent of the real thing.
10:47:16 AM Jan 25th 2011
edited by ManwiththePlan
OK, whoever is adding Aqua as an Ensemble Darkhorse, STOP. An Ensemble Darkhorse is not just "an unexpectedly popular character"; it's an unexpectedly popular "secondary/MINOR character". Aqua is one of the freaking PLAYABLE characters of the game; that means she's not at all a Darkhorse. And honestly, bypassing hate from the yaoi fangirls isn't such a big achievement considering the Straw Feminist Real Women Never Wear Dresses factor at work (Namine can't fight, Kairi's a rookie with a "girly Keyblade", and Xion is only competant when she sucks the skill out of Roxas. This is all used as further "justification" for why these characters suck. Since Aqua's an Action Girl, she doesn't have any "justifications" for hating her, and the yaoi fangirls will naturally like her more.)
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