Characters Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Discussion

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10:30:49 PM Oct 8th 2016
why do you people replace the character images from the manga to the ones to the anime (especially if either the manga art is more appealing or clear to show who the character is, and also the original source)
07:22:40 AM Aug 4th 2016
I've been thinking about removing the Weirdness Magnet trope used on this page. It's on every character because it's a fundamental rule of Stand Users, but it seems redundant to keep pointing it out on the characters when it could serve the same purpose on the main page. Besides that, most of these examples have zero context. I just want to run it by real quick before I get delete happy.
10:02:45 AM Aug 4th 2016
agree. i think that the trope should be removed from all the characters page and remain only on the main page.
07:16:36 AM Aug 7th 2016
I also agree, unless it should be given a special mention (like Toshikazu lampshading that the trope is in effect for all Stand users).
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