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09:21:39 PM Jul 27th 2013
Deleted from the Dolores Umbridge section:

  • Karma Houdini: Though she is thoroughly traumatized by the Centaurs at the end of the fifth book, she is next seen gleefully serving the new regime at The Ministry in the seventh. Word of God is that she ends up in Azkaban when the threat of Voldemort is over, but it still qualifies despite that as the Dementors were revealed to have long been fired afterwards. The film of The Deathly Hallows, implies that she gets what's coming to her.
    • This troper isn't sure if her fate can be considered Karma Houdini. Just think about it, she had power, money and reputation. She was the Number Two in the Ministry given almost unlimited power. Now she was reduced to a petty criminal and locked up for the rest of her life. She lost everything and knows that she will never regain it.

Since this entry is contested, I'm moving it to discussion.

Personally, I don't think she qualifies since she does get her comeuppance at the end by being sentenced to Azkaban (presumably for life), despite the fact that she does seem to be one after the end of Phoenix until the end of Hallows when she gets locked up.
05:01:05 PM Jul 27th 2011
Cornelius Fudge: Fantastic Racism? It's pretty hinted at in the fourth book when he's prejudiced against Hagrid and Madame Maxime for their heritage and when Dumbledore hints that "he has always placed too much emphasis on blood purity," although obviously nowhere to the extent of the Death Eaters or Umbridge.
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