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02:50:33 PM May 8th 2014
Something I wanted to ask before editing. The latest volume has this to say about Mero's breasts:

"Because they live in cold waters, Mermaids have a fair amount of insulating fat, like a seal's blubber. However, since they use a lot of the muscles in their bodies to swim, the fat only remains on the chest. Sweet!"

That being said, what trope do you think this would fall under: Non-Mammal Mammaries, Artistic License - Biology, or Our Mermaids Are Different? I just want to know for certain before editing the page, so my edits don't get taken down again, like with the MON Girls (even though, as of this volume, they've been proven to be right).
09:24:25 AM May 15th 2014
I'd say add it in with the Our Mermaids Are Different, as that's already explaining some of the physical details.

The MON stuff should be back up, I know I put it back up once the 3rd volume came out. It was getting pulled before because it contradicted some details presented in the main comic, yet no one was providing proof of their accuracy. Still some contradictions even with the official translation, but it's official so yeah.
07:56:34 PM Apr 7th 2014
As this seems like it could go on for quite a while, Dullahan being yet another bait and switch, should we have a character folder specifically for all of the "D"s? Whether or not we do make a folder, I went ahead and made a separate bit for "D" itself. Any possible future "D" should just have it's own spot until it's confirmed outright to be the real deal. That should help avoid or at least minimize any mass edits required if another assumption like the one with the Dullahan happens.
02:01:38 PM Jan 8th 2014
The official English version for volume 2 provides spelling for a couple names. It has Suu as Suu and Meroune as Meron. Any objection to mass editing to match these spellings? Noted it on the Spell My Name with an "S" portion of the character page, but left it at that for now.
05:30:14 PM Jan 14th 2014
Well, do we know why the original Translators chose "Meroune" in the first place?
12:16:19 AM Jan 16th 2014
I don't object to a mass-edit, considering the mods have explicitly and unambiguously stated that the official translation should be used. Repeatedly.
09:22:17 PM Jan 16th 2014
If Meron is her official name, then no objections from me either.
02:05:11 PM Feb 3rd 2014
I've updated all currently entered bits of "Meroune", on all of the pages not just the character page, to the official name aside from the Spell My Name with an S bit.
05:54:25 PM Feb 19th 2014
edited by
Just going to put this up, since someone asked in the main discussion if it was true that this was the official translation used or not. Picture quality kind of sucks, but the only camera I've got is a Vita so sorry about that. http://i1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb334/Eusislandale/MeronMMVol2.jpg?t=1392861135
09:26:37 PM Sep 21st 2014
Just curious, but what do we do now that the official translation went with Meroune Lorelai in volume 4, instead of Meron Lorelei that was used in volume 2. Do we wait for volume 5 for confirmation or something?
03:46:16 AM Sep 22nd 2014
Dicey one. I would note in the character entry that different volumes have used different names for the same person - don't remember what the trope for that is.
07:35:21 PM Sep 25th 2013
Could someone provide a courtesy link to these mythical "Uff-isshal pro-fylez" for MON?
09:16:59 PM Sep 26th 2013
Seriously. I've been keeping up with the manga and haven't seen official profiles or anything of the sort. I've reverted the edits until someone provides a source.
06:03:20 PM Oct 7th 2013
edited by
11:16:45 AM Oct 15th 2013
I'd like to know where these scans came from (Tankobon? Fanbook?) and which group translated them; it's not the usual group that handles the monthly chapters.
06:27:50 AM Oct 19th 2013
As would I, for the reasons above, and to know if they're valid enough to get my edits back on the character page. I would've added them to begin with, but I had no idea how to sort through the poster's tumblr archive to find the right URL to link them with. It was only recently that I had time to sit down and wade through that particular quagmire and find them. I tried linking the images themselves to this discussion, but it wouldn't allow it for some reason, so I settled for linking the page.
11:51:26 PM Nov 16th 2013
You could ask around in Monster Girls Unlimited. They have an active thread dedicated to this manga, and from I've seen they are rather resourceful when it comes to finding out info about such things.
01:21:27 PM Dec 1st 2013
I'm guessing these profiles will show up in volume 2 of the manga, so once Seven Seas releases it to the West the tropes that came from the profiles can be readded then. That way it won't look like it came out of nowhere.
09:32:01 AM Feb 4th 2014
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They're not in the second volume. If they're real, I'd assume the third volume will have them since that's when MON is introduced. That said, even if the images themselves are real I'd take the translations of them with a grain of salt at the moment for several reasons. Some details seem to be extremely out of nowhere, Doppel basically being Nyarlathotep for example, or do not make sense when compared to what's been seen in the manga itself, Zombina's formaldehyde "blood" going completely unnoticed by the Orcs for example. The coloring looks it was added over black and white versions of these as well, the quality being nowhere near any other official color material. Zombina once again raising a warning flag, as that coloring makes no sense when she's been mistaken for human. Finally the person putting that stuff up went on to detail what they're expecting out of the Dullahan which goes straight into a rather trashy and implausible scenario with everyone but Miia being brutally murdered and Kimihito going insane over it. So basically that site feels like a mass of WMG than anything official.
12:16:47 PM May 6th 2014
Third volume is out, and those profiles are mostly accurate. Even the bits that make no sense, so I'll work on readding that information. I was right on the coloring issue though, they're just in black and white. Additionally this volume also has a profile for Meron, a two page special for MON, and as far as the main story goes it ends on Rachnera's reveal, but not the formal introduction, so still no official English name on her.
04:55:58 PM Jan 3rd 2013
edited by MarqFJA
Official notice: Recent spoilers have revealed that Miia's name is actually spelled "Meer". Quit reverting the name-change edits.
10:57:16 AM Jan 4th 2013
edited by Delnoir
Okay guys. We need to sit down and talk about this so we can put the naming issue to bed once and for all. We already have two people suspended for unwittingly getting into an edit war. The translator has his reasons for continuing to use Miia instead of Meer. Frankly I agree with him, but my individual opinion isn't what matters. I've sent a report to the moderators to try to get this sorted out.
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