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08:14:51 AM Oct 20th 2014
What's the difference between Phobos and Deimos? I know they are both sons of Ares. I get that. Both of them are personifications of fear. But how are they different? I know there has to be a conceptual difference in what they represent. If it was the same thing, the Greeks wouldn't have seen them as separate entities. So could someone please help explain this to me?
03:26:55 PM Oct 20th 2014
Phobos is fear and Deimos is terror. They are brothers, from what I know.
11:56:11 AM Oct 21st 2014
I know they are twin brothers. The problem with the usual descriptions is that fear and terror are sort of like synonyms. So as abstractions, how do they differ? I read that in the Percy Jackson series, the two are differentiate themselves by Phobos instilling fear on a individual and personal level while Deimos works on large groups. Or as another example, take the Phonoi and the Androktasiai, both children of Eris. Both were spirits of murder. While some ancients didn't distinguish, others said that the Phonoi controlled murder outside the fields of battle, while the Androktasiai controlled murder on the battlefield.

I was just wondering if the Greeks ever described the specific differences in what Phobos and Deimos represented. The more I look though, there doesn't seem to have been one. Thank you anyway.
09:08:27 PM Jul 16th 2010
Zeus wasn't really Lawful. He was king, but he was the most notorious adulterer in mythological history as well, and screwed with mortal politics, something Lawful gods probably wouldn't do. I'd peg him as Chaotic, mostly concerned with himself and his illegitimate offspring, and not really caring about anything else.
03:28:31 AM Jul 17th 2010
I think he's Neutral. He does care about his godly laws and alway keep his words (he ask Hermes to help Io since he can't directly involve). He just doesn't care about mortal laws.
01:31:25 PM May 31st 2010
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Wait, Hades is a Woobie? Since When?!

(Edit: Because I didn't see how the new system actually worked...)

The reason Hades is portrayed as less a jerkass than the other gods is because the Greeks were horrendously afraid of him. It's just like with the Erinyes/Eumenides or The Fair Folk: appease, appease, appease. The Olympians in general are treated more down-to-earth (jerk-like) in myths because the Greeks weren't nearly so theologically interested in their myths as Judaeo-Christians are; theirs was a votive religion. It's like how you can get away with teasing loved ones about their flaws, exaggerating as you want. Sure, Hades wasn't Satan, but he was definitely not a Woobie.
02:25:40 PM Jan 9th 2012
ause he lost a bet and ended up stuck ruling the gloomy Underworld.
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