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06:50:12 PM Feb 8th 2016
Some help please? I was editing Bang's profile on the Calamity Trigger 2 page to clean it up and make it a bit more readable, but now, both Bang and Carl's sections are gone from the page, and I've no idea what caused it. Can someone please help me fix this? Because I've got no clue what to do here.
12:53:11 AM Feb 11th 2016
I am not sure what happened here.
09:03:38 PM Feb 11th 2016
Data Vampires i guess... Arakune ate Bang's folder BTW.
06:21:44 PM Oct 29th 2013
Litchi may have gotten more flack than she deserved, but her character entry seems increasingly biased. Almost every sentence goes out of the way to absolve her of her actions, and I think her defenders are going too far in the other direction.
08:20:49 PM Oct 29th 2013
edited by
So explain how you would fix it? I'm all ears, since it looks like she's mostly ignored and no one bothers to edit her except me, so she's usually stuck with "SHE'S OBSESSED!!" without exploring further the reasoning behind her actions.

And besides... you've got nothing else about the extremely biased (in a 'positive hyperbolizing' way) entries of how much OMGWTFBBQBADASS Hakumen is? That's just about as same as biased as you were complaining on Litchi's case (and I never complained on Haku)
01:24:23 PM Nov 1st 2013
I haven't read Hakumen's entry. My problem is that I think it has too much editoralizing. I think it'd be better if it was trimmed, and presented the facts without going on for paragraphs on whether or not her actions are justifiable.
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