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07:38:09 PM Apr 14th 2013
  • This meta-example goes out to the team behind the entire series. Not only have they managed to construct a stable and well-executed means of crossing over these two universes, they have built a murder mystery worthy of the video games with twists and turns at every corner. Every piece of the script and dialogue is incredibly well written and all the characters are so incredibly in-character, you'd almost mistaken them for being written by their respective creators. The jokes hit all the marks, the mysteries are keeping us guessing, and the voice actors are brilliant to the point they are almost perfect replicas of the original cast (save for Phoenix and Judge, who pull off believable voices for said characters anyway). This last one is more of a personal reason, but this troper still gets an emotional ride during the final moments of Part 4 right up to Fluttershy's absolutely brilliant Big Damn Hero moment. Guys, if you are reading this paragraph, this troper applauds you for your story. Well done.

Okay so, the Awesome Moments page is supposed to have awesome moments in the work itself. The most meta we can get here would be something that happened during the creation of the series (Such as Apple Bloom's voice actor coming back in the Heartwarming page).

If the original writer of this entry is seeing this: I think this would fit a lot better as a personal entry in Gushing About Shows You Like.
09:00:04 PM Dec 1st 2013
Other similar entries. Again, this would be better off in Gushing About Shows You Like

  • Heck let's give it up to NeoArtimus who manages to blend two unlikely franchises into such a thrilling and engaging murder mystery. Fanfic or not, that is utterly impressive.