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03:39:40 AM Jul 5th 2015
edited by TrollBrutal
One quote per page rule. Kept the one at the top, moved the rest here.

General Quote discussion

Stannis Baratheon

Daenerys Targaryen

"Elia Martell! You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children!"
Obery Martell

"Night's Watch, with me!"
Jon Snow
07:30:20 AM Jun 3rd 2015
Is it just me, or are we a bit too... enthusiastic with adding moments?

Later episodes are essentially recaps because every single scene has a CMOA listed, and damn near every even slightly major action or dialogue is listed. And it leads to pretty minor things getting listed, like a character getting punched once and not being out of the fight. Or a character standing there agape when he sees the dragon. I know these are subjective, but is "literally doing nothing" possibly a CMOA? Is it a misplaced Visual Effects of Awesome?

But really, when we list pretty much everything as a CMOA is kinda dilutes the term. If everything's a CMOA, then nothing really is that awesome.
02:43:09 AM Jun 9th 2015
edited by TrollBrutal
I have a similiar sensation. YMMV page and all, but people go a bit overboard sometimes.

Part of the problem lies in the section not being called "CROWNING moment of" (which implies excepcionality) anymore, but simply "awesome"

"When everything is special, nothing is"
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