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12:45:04 AM Sep 30th 2011
Streamline Dub issues:

Speaking as someone who grew up watching the movie's Streamline Dub, the only thing in the Streamline dub that was really cut-and-paste was the opening credits sequence, to preserve both animation and show English credits. There were also one or two shots that were zoomed in, possibly because of damage to the cells. But no scenes were cut and re-ordered or anything. It is true that certain lines were changed beyond needing to match the mouth flaps, but nothing truly devastating to the story. "Fight poison with poison" becoming "You have a very unusual way of thinking" does no damage. Some line changes were rather funny, such as the "Tour group from hell" line and the specifics of what was written on the calling card. "Should have worn an asbestos suit" makes sense given the scene and unlike "Once again I've cut a worthless object" requires no prior Lupin knowledge to understand, which was an important consideration due to the scarcity of all things Lupin in the USA. Constantly referring to Lupin by the nickname of Wolf is a means of Writing Around Trademarks, since this was before Le Blanc's copyright expired. Other dialogue doesn't match entirely, but does convey the same meaning as in the Japanese, which is good. There is also much less Obligatory Swearing than the Manga UK dub. Bottom line, there was no cutting-and-pasting beyond the opening credits and the story is still comprehensible. Signed, [[{{Tropers/linksmower linksmower]].
10:35:58 PM Mar 1st 2014
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The funny thing is, "The tour group from hell?" is actually almost a literal translation. When they enter the room, Lupin uses a phrase commonly used by Japanese hotel receptionists to welcome guests and let bellboys know their service is needed.
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