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06:18:25 PM Dec 6th 2013
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The Broken Aesop entry may be misusing that trope. That trope isn't about an Aesop that has Unfortunate Implications, it's about an Aesop that is contradicted within the story itself.

Nor do I personally agree that the Melody of Sorrow being bad is meant to imply that "you should never listen to sad music," but that's why it's a YMMV page. I interpreted the Melody of Sorrow as being more like a musical version of the Dementors from Harry Potter in that it forces sorrowful/depressed feelings on people's minds. I didn't personally interpret Suite as saying that voluntarily listening to sad music is wrong, but more like that it's wrong to force people to listen to a song that automatically makes you feel so sad that all you can do is cry. However, I can understand how some people could interpret it that way, even though I would personally disagree with them.
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