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11:56:59 PM Feb 25th 2013
Why is this page and everything in it named after the translated Japanese version instead of the dub?
09:46:21 AM Mar 14th 2013
That's an excellent question that I myself was going to ask. This isn't the first instance of this either.
06:20:30 AM Mar 26th 2013
For the sake of consistency, I'm recommending this page be renamed either "Hoshi No Kirby" (the actual Japanese name) or "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!" (the English name). I'm recommending the latter, since this is an English language wiki, and there is precedence on other pages.
08:00:30 AM Aug 7th 2013
Ok, the forums agree on the move, but I'm having some trouble. I don't want to start moving this and screw it up. Is there anyone who can help?
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