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07:19:17 AM Mar 10th 2012
Is it normal if I still like this, and I'm 16? i forgot about it for a while, but now I'm starting to like it again. My mom isn't exactly approving of it, and my dad doesn't know. I'm a guy, by the way.
07:34:55 AM Mar 10th 2012
I can't say if it's "normal" or not, but I'm 16 and I like Hamtaro a lot, and I'm a guy too. So you shouldn't care what other people think. It's a great show, and if you like it, you should watch it. You can find all the English episodes and several Japanese episodes (ones that weren't dubbed in English are being subtitled!) here: http://hhp.icy-mint.net/
09:32:26 PM Dec 15th 2012
I still like this and I'm 19.
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